Applying for an occupant grant


You can apply on the web. You should transfer a photograph (or sweep) of your vehicle enrollment report and confirmation of address.


Your confirmation of address can include:


  • your driving permit


  • aboard charge bill


  • a substantial tenure arrangement


  • a specialist’s letter affirming acquisition of property


  • a service bill from the most recent three months demonstrating the location in the occupants’ zone.You will likewise require a duplicate of your vehicle enrollment reports (V5C) pages 1 and 2. The enlistment report must be in your name and enrolled to the grant address.


On the off chance that your vehicle is enlisted to an old location or you have the new manager supplement, you can even now apply on the web. We will give you a brief, non-refundable grant. You have a month and a half to give the archives or we will drop your license


You should pay for your grant (see underneath at costs). When you have completed the online application and paid, you are canvassed to stop in the inhabitants’ zone. You won’t be sent a paper grant as occupant stopping licenses are currently ‘virtual’. Discover which streets are canvassed in your zone, as there might be a few limitations in your general vicinity.

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In the event that you can’t have any significant bearing on the web, you can apply by email, post or at the Civic Offices stopping work area. You should bring similar archives as above. You can pay:


  • by card via telephone,


  • cheque by post,


  • cash, check or card at the Civic Offices.


Kindly sit tight 7 to 10 days for your license to begin in the event that you apply by post or email.


Inhabitant stopping license costs


2020 costs (starting at 1 January 2020)


First vehicle license – £30


Second vehicle license – £120


Third and ensuing vehicle licenses – £300 (where space permits)


Recharging your inhabitant license


We will email a suggestion to you 28 days before your license terminates.


Ensure that you add this email address to your protected senders so your update doesn’t go to your garbage mail organizer: [email protected]


In the event that we don’t have an email address for you, we will send the update by post. It is dependent upon you to ensure you have a legitimate grant.


On the off chance that your grant has terminated you should apply for another grant.




How would I know whether my property is in an occupant stopping zone?


The occupants stopping zone page records the streets secured by each plan, including maps.


At the point when you enter an inhabitants stopping zone, you will see signs saying ‘Controlled Zone’. At the point when you leave a zone, signs will reveal to you that the ‘Zone Ends’.


They are additionally recognized inside the zone by additional signs with the words ‘XX zone license holders absolved’ (where ‘XX’ are the letters for the grant zone –, for example, GA Fratton or KC West Southsea).


I am an understudy – would i be able to get an inhabitant stopping license?


You should live in a Resident Permit Zone to get a license


There are no exceptions for understudies. This implies your vehicle must be enlisted in your name and to the grant address inside the zone.


In the event that your vehicle is as yet enrolled to an alternate location, complete either:


  • section 6 ‘New guardian or new name/new location subtleties’ (old style V5C log book) or


  • section 3 ‘Change my name and additionally address’ (new style V5C log book) and transfer pages 1 and 2.


We additionally need to see your Tenancy/Rental arrangement, indicating your name and address along with the beginning and finish dates. You can apply utilizing our online gateway.

Would i be able to get an occupants license on the off chance that I don’t claim the vehicle however I am a named driver on the protection?

No. To get an occupant leaving license, the vehicle must be enrolled to you with the DVLA at a location inside the inhabitant zone.

I live in a level, common house or House in Multiple Occupancy – what number of us can get an inhabitant stopping grant?

Licenses are given per postal location. A level with its own postal location, for example, Flat 1 or Flat An, is independent from different pads in the structure and would be permitted up to two grants.

On the off chance that you live in a room in a mutual house or house in different inhabitance, the house considers one postal location. This implies it is permitted up to two licenses. We may give a third license where space permits.

Exceptional vehicles

Would i be able to get a license for my organization van or business vehicle?

Indeed. We can give vans and business vehicles with a license on the off chance that you own the vehicle or this is the main vehicle at the property.

In the event that the vehicle is required for standard crisis call-outs outside of typical working hours, it might fit the bill for a license. You will require a letter from your line director affirming the idea of these call outs and the vehicle make, model and enlistment number. You should give three months of time-sheets demonstrating the date, time, address and the explanation the vehicle has been called out in a crisis.

Just vehicles with a gross weight under 3,501kg can meet all requirements for a license, regardless of whether the vehicle is enrolled to you at your location

Apply online here.

Would i be able to get a license for a rent/organization vehicle or taxi/private recruit?

Indeed. You can get a license for a rent vehicle, organization vehicle or taxi/private recruit. You should give a duplicate of the rent, or a letter from the organization on headed paper appearing:

  • the driver’s name
  • address
  • vehicle enlistment number
  • make
  • model
  • lease period (for rent vehicles and taxicabs/private recruits)

You will likewise need to give confirmation of your location.

Apply on the web and transfer the rent arrangement or organization letter as confirmation of vehicle. Singular rent arrangements for money purposes won’t be acknowledged.

Would i be able to get a grant for a politeness vehicle?

Truly. In the event that you have a kindness vehicle from a carport as a result of a mishap or fix, if it’s not too much trouble call us on 023 9268 8310. We can change the grant subtleties and give you a transitory license.

You should email a duplicate of the recruit consent to [email protected] – there is no charge for this. At the point when your unique vehicle has been fixed, you should call us so we change the subtleties back.

In the event that your vehicle is discounted and you supplant the vehicle, the cycle is equivalent to changing your vehicle. This will cost £10.

Can an unfamiliar enrolled vehicle have an occupant license?

No. The vehicle must be re-enrolled in this nation first, and gave with another enlistment number and archive by the DVLA. This will affirm it is enrolled to you at a location inside the zone.

Would i be able to have more than one enrollment number on a grant?

In the event that you approach more than one vehicle please reach us on 023 9268 8310 for additional subtleties. An extra charge will apply.

Changes in conditions

What occurs in the event that I change my vehicle?

You can change the enlistment on a license on the web. You should give:

  • the vehicle enlistment report,
  • new manager’s enhancement,
  • sales receipt or rent understanding demonstrating full vehicle subtleties along with your old vehicle enlistment and address.

It costs £10 to change subtleties on a license.

On the off chance that we don’t see the enlistment archive or rent understanding in your name at the license address, we will give you a brief grant. You will at that point have a month and a half to furnish us with the archives, in any case your grant will be dropped.


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