How To Choose an Area Rug size

Tips On How To Choose an Area Rugs Size

When it comes to decor for different areas in the house, a rug is one of the essential pieces because it will be noticed by anyone who walks into the room. Therefore, selecting a good rug for each area is a task that needs skill. You need to find the best shape and size to ensure that it does the job required while also complementing the rest of the pieces that you have placed in that particular room. This article covers the content and the rules on how to choose an area rugs size.

7 Tips On How To Choose an Area Rugs Size

Dining Areas

The best way to choose a rug for your living room is to estimate the length and width of your table. Once you have these measurements, add two feet on either side and pick a rug that size.

This allows enough space for the chairs to fit on the rug. You will also need to take into consideration the color palettes in the dining room to know the best color to pick that will blend well with the furniture and the rest of the decor.

Living Rooms

You should purchase a rug that is large enough to fit the size of the main piece of furniture in the room. If the rug happens to fall on the smaller size, make sure that at least the front legs of the furniture are underneath it.

For large living rooms, you can have multiple rugs for each area. Read these Serena and Lily reviews.


When choosing a bedroom rug, it is advisable to make the bed the focal point. If your bed sits in the middle, measure two feet more on each side and choose a rug in that size.

If it sits next to a wall, measure two feet from the visible parts. You can also decide to layer rugs, for instance, a slimmer rug and a fluffy smaller rug on top.

Feeling your feet landing on soft and warm rugs in the morning is a great feeling, and runners can give you this. They work for floors that are hard or on top of carpeting.

Other Spaces

Kitchens- You can place rugs in front of the stove and the sink. Nice thick rugs can help ease the pain that comes with long hours of cooking and cleaning in the kitchen.

There are rugs made specifically to help with lower back pain. Runners are also pieces that can be suitable for the kitchen.

Make sure the rug or runner is at least half a foot away from the cabinets. It is also advisable to get slip-resistant rugs for the kitchen.


Make sure you choose a rug that will make a good impression when one enters the area. A rug that is wider than the doorway is most suitable.

Hallways And Passageways

Choose a good runner for this area and make sure that there is half a foot of space on all sides of the runner(s).

Patios And Decks

Outdoor rugs are always best when they are larger than the dining table. Two feet larger on all sides is recommended. Round rugs are suitable for round dining tables, while rectangular rugs are suitable for conversation sets.

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